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VISIA Skin Analysis

VISIA skin analysis is an advanced skin analysis technology that has taken the skincare industry by storm. It is a comprehensive skin analysis system that uses advanced imaging technology to provide in-depth, multi-dimensional visualizations of the skin and offer advanced skin health recommendations. This detailed surface map analysis allows skincare experts to accurately diagnose skin conditions, measure the efficacy of various treatments, and develop personalized skincare regimens for each individual, by their skin type. Beautiful skin, clean skin, clearer skin, whatever your skin dream. VISIA makes it possible.

VISIA Revolutionary Technology and Complexion Analysis Algorithms

One of the unique features of VISIA is its ability to capture high-resolution images of the skin from multiple angles. The system is equipped with a powerful camera that captures skin surface images in varying light conditions, including polarized and UV light. This multi-spectral imaging allows experts to identify subsurface skin conditions such as sun damage and UV spots, uneven appearance, brown spots and hyperpigmentation, spider veins and age spots that may not be visible to the naked eye. Its complexion analysis software uses 3D images to study the complexion in minute detail.

VISIA Software and Database

The VISIA software, which has the largest skin feature database, then analyzes the images and generates a comprehensive report that provides a detailed analysis of the skin’s health and condition. This report includes measurements of the skin’s texture, background skin tone, pore size, and evenness, as well as an assessment of the true skin age through the presence of wrinkles, spots, and other blemishes. This information accessed via precise imaging is essential for skincare experts to develop an effective treatment plan and customized skin care treatments that address the specific needs of each patient.

VISIA Assessments

Other assessments made possible by VISIA’s imaging software include analysis of skin smoothness, automatic skin type classification, specific UV damage, facial feature detection, vascular conditions, any decrease in skin elasticity, epidermal melanin and even evidence of bacteria in pores.

Revolutionary Skin Assessments with VISIA

VISIA skin analysis is a groundbreaking technology that has transformed the skin care and aesthetic treatments industry. Its ability to provide accurate, in-depth analysis of the skin offers significant benefits to both skincare experts and their patients. By providing personalized skincare regimens and using specific skin care products, patients can achieve the best possible results, and skincare experts can develop more effective treatment plans. The technology’s versatility and accuracy in pinpointing skin issues and skin damage make it a must-have tool for any skincare practice looking to provide the best possible care to their clients.

Advanced Skin Analysis

Helps find the best treatments for you

The VISIA system is also invaluable when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of various skincare treatments. By comparing before and after images of the skin, skincare experts can accurately track the progress of any therapy or treatment methods they prescribe. This allows them to make adjustments to the regimen or reach suitable treatments for problematic features such as hyperpigmented skin lesions or vascular skin lesions, as needed for optimal results.

Helps lock personalized skincare routines

Perhaps the most significant advantage of VISIA is its ability to provide skincare experts with the ability to develop personalized skincare routines and personalized recommendations for each patient via a comparison to norms analysis. With the technology’s ability to analyze each individual’s skin and even its deeper levels, experts can select specific products and treatments that address their unique needs. This improves the chances of achieving optimal results compared to the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to skincare.

Proactive Skincare

The VISIA complexion analysis system and imaging process offer the chance to make sun damage assessments even before they become problematic. Here’s your chance for the detection of UV spots even before they become pertinent skin problems like visible spots, acne spots and enlarged pores.

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