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Visit our top-notch medical spa for the ultimate skincare experience. Our team selects the most appropriate and beneficial peel with your unique skin needs and goals in mind, delivering subtle touch-ups with superficial peels that cater to all skin types. Say goodbye to uneven skin tone, acne scars, and dead skin cells and hello to younger, glowing skin.

The Perfect Chemical Peels for Your Skin

Chemical peels work magic by exfoliating the outer layers of your skin to showcase fresh, rejuvenated skin underneath. Our chemical peels are both gentle and safe for all skin types, even sensitive skin, or acne-prone skin. These treatments are customized to your skin concerns and conditions to provide noticeable and long-lasting results. Don’t settle for anything less than exceptional when it comes to your skincare routine. Choose us to experience the perfect chemical peel catered to you.

Professional Assessments to Pick the Peel for You

Our medical aesthetic practitioners can accurately determine which peel would be best suitable for you and your skin. The type of chemical peel you need depends on several factors such as scarring, acne, texture, uneven skin tone and more. The type of peel also depends on your skin type and family history, if you are prone to scarring, other potential risks, or are known to require more healing time.

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If you are interested in getting rid of unwanted dead skin cells and revealing your natural glowing complexion, please contact us to schedule a consultation today.

What are Chemical Peels + What Skin Conditions do Chemical Peels Treat

Chemical peels utilize a chemical solution (acid peel concentrates) to enhance your skin’s appearance. During this treatment, the solution is applied to the top layer of skin, which leads to gentle chemexfoliation or derma peeling. Gradually as the top skin layers begin to slough off and you hit the layer underneath, you get bright and glowing skin with improved texture, fewer dark patches and hyperpigmentation, a more even skin tone, and a smoother complexion.

Some more chemical peel FAQs:

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Are chemical peels safe on Asian skin or brown skin?

Or, are chemical peels safe on fair skin? Chemical peels are a viable and safe option for people with Asian, brown, fair and dark skin when carried out by trained and experienced aestheticians. Unlike other cosmetic procedures, especially unlike surgical procedures, they are also safe for mature skin. Since peels only affect the outermost layer of skin, most people just feel a stinging sensation during the session. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to remember that the safety and appropriateness of a chemical peel can be influenced by several factors, such as the peel’s specific type and potency, depth of skin penetration, the person’s skin type and condition, and the skill of the practitioner administering the treatment.

What are the risk factors with such aesthetic resurfacing?

Chemical peels are generally safe, but risks and side effects are possible depending on the type and potency of the peel as well as individual factors such as the individual’s medical history, the number of damaged skin cells and the existing type and texture of the skin.

It’s important to be aware of these common risk factors before undergoing the chemical peels procedure with a trained professional.

+ Hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation (darker skin tones are more susceptible, while aggressive or deeper chemical peels pose a greater risk)

+ After a chemical peel, temporary skin irritation, redness, cold sores, and sensitivity are common. These usually subside within a few days to a week, depending on the depth of the peel. Your aesthetician may recommend some mild lotion for this. Mild to moderate swelling may occur, particularly with deeper peels. It typically resolves within a few days.

+ Although rare, there is a slight risk of infection associated with chemical peels. This is true whether you are in for some basic chemical peeling or looking at aggressive peeling. Proper sterilization and post-treatment care can minimize this risk. Post-treatment care for chemical peels should also be properly handled.

+ Although uncommon, there is a small risk of scarring or aberrant pigmentation, particularly with deep chemical peels or if the treated area is not adequately cared for during the healing process.

+ Some people may have allergic reactions to the chemicals used in the peel solution. This risk can be minimized by informing your provider about any known allergies or sensitivities.

+ Following a chemical peel, the treated skin becomes more sensitive to sunlight. Failure to protect the skin adequately from the sun when it has such sun sensitivity can lead to an increased risk of sunburn, pigmentation changes, and other complications. Daily sunscreen is a must after treatment, especially a good, high SPF broad-spectrum sunscreen that is recommended by your aesthetician and not just picked off the shelf like other commercial products.

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