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Potenza Radiofrequency Microneedling

An FDA-approved treatment for the face and body, Potenza Radiofrequency is a type of Microneedling that tightens and firms the skin by penetrating the top layer with ultra-fine needles. This triggers the body’s natural healing process, including the production of collagen and elastin.

Radiofrequency Skin Tightening

Radiofrequency is a nonsurgical, non-invasive technology to tighten and firm skin. Energy waves heat your deep layer of skin to stimulate the production of collagen.

IPL Photofacials

Intense Pulsed Light therapy (aka, a photofacial) is a nonsurgical method of improving the color and texture of your skin, fighting the damage caused by sun exposure.

Dry Eye Management + Treatments.

One of the number one eye-related symptoms that people have today is dryness, and because of the wide range of symptoms, we often don’t even recognize it as dryness. With all of the tasks we use our eyes for like computers, cell phones, and reading books, we allow our eyes to get dry. Dryness can make your eyes feel gritty, itchy, or burning, blurry, and even watery! If your eyes feel any of these ways on a regular basis, you may have dry eye, and we have several ways to determine if you do. There are even different types of dry eyes, so after we assess your eyes, we can prescribe the best treatment to increase your comfort and minimize your symptoms.

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Reduce the appearance of acne scarring and rejuvenate your skin. Dermaplaning is a minimally invasive procedure in which the top layer of skin on our face is gently scraped away to reveal newer, undamaged skin.

Chemical Peels

Improve the texture of your skin and reduce the appearance of any scarring with a chemical peel that removes the outermost layers of the skin.

Lymphatic Massage

Reduces swelling as a result of a blocked lymphatic system. Lymphatic massage manipulates the body to assist lymph to move to working lymph vessels.

SkinCeuticals Skincare

Correct the signs of aging, protect healthy skin, and prevent further damage with SkinCeuticals. SkinCeuticals is the #1 Medical Aesthetic Skincare Brand worldwide. Born from decades of skin cancer research by founding Dermatologist Dr. Sheldon Pinnell, his dedicated work led to pivotal breakthroughs in the original discovery of antioxidants. Providing advanced skincare to medical professionals since 1997, SkinCeuticals clinical skincare is used by physicians globally for daily homecare and to complement a wide range of aesthetic procedures.

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