Benefits of Getting a Skin Analysis

Do you want to know your skin type and any problems you may have with your facial complexion? Understanding your skin can help you pick the right skin care products and adopt preventive measures against seasonal breakouts, oily skin, and more. So, imagine how helpful a deep skin analysis can be for a more effective dermatological treatment!

Good news! Deep skin analysis is now possible – with the help of state-of-the-art VISIA skin analysis machines. These revolutionary medical devices can read your skin like an open book and offer comprehensive insights about your facial skin health and skin tone.

Skin Analysis Benefits

Gone are the days when your skin specialist or aesthetician would simply look at or touch your skin to diagnose the problem. VISIA analysis machines are revolutionary and go where the naked eye cannot. It is a comprehensive skin analysis system that uses advanced imaging technology to provide in-depth, multi-dimensional visualizations of the skin. Does that sound like the future of skincare or what?

If this sounds beneficial to you, then keep reading to know more about its benefits!

VISIA Skin Analysis System: How Does It Work?

The VISIA Skin Analysis System is equipped with cutting-edge technology and features to perfect skin analysis forever. It can give you the perfect roadmap to medical skin care treatments to a whole new level by enhancing the “facial data information” for both dermatologists and patients.

Its advanced imaging process has a capture module that rotates smoothly around the face and skin. Meanwhile, the device’s software captures high-quality skin images quickly, thanks to its multi-point positioning system and live image overlay.

The system can capture multi-spectral images of the skin using standard and cross-polarized flash and ultraviolet lighting. Additionally, it has advanced image-capturing features like automatic focus and white balance correction.

Based on the images that can be zoomed in for a closer look, and with the help of artificial intelligence, the device automatically determines the skin type, facial features, surface and sub-surface conditions, and more importantly what skin concerns to be aware of.

The standardized images taken with the help of an advanced skin scanner are perfectly balanced, making them extremely useful for comparisons and tests. The machine can document the progress of your skin conditions over time.

What’s more, it rotates smoothly in different directions. This is not only advantageous for capturing facial skin features properly but is also extremely comfortable for the patient.

Benefits of Getting a Skin Analysis with VISIA Machines

Did you know that your skin is the biggest organ of your body? And it’s always exposed to sources of heat, light, pollution, etc., making it prone to damage. A lot of this damage is not even visible to the naked eye. But you can take advantage of an advanced skin assessment system like VISIA to…

  • Identify your current skin condition and concerns with precision
  • Get appropriate treatment to cater to its needs
  • Choose the right skin care products or facial treatments
  • Better understand your skin type (and what that means!)
  • Detect problems in the early stage or before the onset
  • Identify any hidden skin issues
  • Take steps preventive measures or maintenance steps
  • Monitor changes and progress over time

1. Comprehensive Skin Assessment

One of the standout advantages of VISIA skin assessment technology is the detailed analysis. It considers various parameters and assesses both superficial and deeper layers of your skin. These parameters include the following:

Skin Texture:

Your skin may develop irregularities or become rough due to health conditions. High-end detection systems identify everything – including visible issues like acne scars and difficult-to-detect forms of uneven texture.

Skin Pigmentation:

Brown spots, light spots, redness, uneven skin tone, etc., are common pigmentation issues. VISIA captures your skin’s natural skin tone, as well as color relief and grayscale, and performs comparisons.

Pore Size and Health:

Your pore size is essential for your skin condition. Pores can hold oil, dirt, bacteria, and more, causing several problems, including acne. Deep Skin analysis can give an insight into your pore health.

Wrinkles and Age Spots:

As your skin ages, it turns loose and dry. Due to the loss of collagen and elastin, you develop lines and spots, especially around the mouth, eyes, etc. These can be detected early by getting a skin analysis.

Signs of UV Damage:

Prolonged sun exposure and UV radiation can damage the skin, leading to sun spots, wrinkles, and even severe ones like skin cancer. The skin analyzer technology can locate these.

Skin Types:

Dry skin type needs are different from those of oily skin. Sensitive skin needs extra attention. Getting a skin analysis identifies the right skin type and ensures correct treatments going forward.

Other Skin Concerns:

Many other skin problems, like spider veins, unwanted hair growth, rosacea, etc., may affect you too. But before going ahead, professional skin analysis using VISIA is ideal to find whether a treatment plan suits you.

2. Personalized Skin Care Recommendations

Skin analysis helps your local skin care specialist understand your current skin condition and underlying problems. It also gives a clear picture of hidden skin issues in a deeper layer of skin, your skin’s needs, and your medical history. Such detailed reports can be the foundation of personalized treatment plans.

Comprehensive Skin Care Guide & Tailored Treatment Options:

Everyone’s skin is different. When a specialist has complete knowledge, they can strategize a skin care treatment plan that may involve a medical spa procedure like IPL Photofacials, or a more elementary rejuvenation treatment like a skin cream product for you, to effectively give you healthier skin.

Product Suggestions

Skincare products provide nutrition to your skin. But with age, your nutrition requirements change. Our complete skin analysis system helps find the active ingredients your skin needs and those you might be allergic to – and effectively determines which products suit you best.

3. Patient Knowledge

Beauty industry experts believe that patient education is extremely important for achieving and maintaining beautiful and healthy skin. Once you understand your own skin, you’ll have the requisite knowledge and won’t have to blindly follow a generic routine.

4. Tracking Changes

Cosmetic treatments like chemical skin peels, dermal fillers, skin rejuvenation treatments, etc., display slow and subtle progress, especially if they target hidden problems. True skin analysis can detect and monitor these treatment results. Reports are also helpful for changing treatment plans.

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At Bright Eye Spa, we implement VISIA systems to give you the benefits of skin analysis. VISIA’s AI-powered skin analyzer technology gives clear clues to skin issues. Accordingly, we perform advanced skin treatments and provide personalized skincare routines.

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