Meet BRIGHT Eye Spa & Medical Aesthetics and How it All Started!

Kingsville is a growing community that has a lot to offer– from local wineries and breweries, to phenomenal restaurants and high-standard healthcare. Here at EYES, we want to grow alongside our beautiful town with our expansion of our sister company BRIGHT Eye Spa and Medical Aesthetics. This has been a dream of ours for many years, and we are finally seeing it come to life before our eyes. 

A question we get asked often is, “How is optometry related to medical aesthetics?” There is a long history of medical procedures in the world of Dry Eye Disease (DED), beginning with intense pulsed light (IPL). IPL was first developed in 1992 treating telangiectasia, thread-like widened blood vessels often seen in individuals diagnosed with ocular rosacea. Next was Lipiflow, which was FDA approved a little over a decade ago. Lipiflow works by draining clogged oils found in the meibomian glands of patients with DED. Lastly came Radiofrequency, used to improve dry eye symptoms using  therapeutic heat to assist with unclogging oil glands. These 3 instruments paved the way towards long-term relief of DED by improving the function and structure of meibomian glands for the first time. 

Coincidentally, both the IPL and Radiofrequency devices were initially intended to treat various cosmetic concerns, mainly unwanted pigment/facial rosacea and skin tightening. This was when it was discovered that individuals suffering from DED were noticing dramatic improvements in their dry eyes as well. This was the key link that merged the world of optometry with the world of medical aesthetics! As we began taking advantage of the aesthetic benefits using these devices it led us to the decision – Why not offer purely medical aesthetic services when we have access to such innovative technology. This shift was the spark of a dream to open a medical spa in which dry eye services will be performed alongside many cosmetic medical procedures. Thus, BRIGHT Eye Spa and Medical Aesthetics was born! Over the past year Dr. Abby Jakob and myself have been nothing but fascinated while attending medical aesthetic events and learning about the newest technology within this industry. Our goal is to have a one stop shop for all dry eye and medical aesthetic services, while continuing to uphold the standard of care that EYES has upheld since its opening in 2017.

Now offering several services that can tackle concerns such as – fine lines and wrinkles, photodamaged skin, rosacea, uneven texture, uneven complexion, dehydrated skin, elasticity loss, acne, acne scarring and much more. We also have injectable services performed by our nurse practitioner for all of your botox and filler needs! One of our newest services offered is our Potenza, the golden standard of microneedling radiofrequency. Aside from the services offered at our spa, we carry medical grade skin care for those who need an extra boost in their at home skin regimen. Although this is just the beginning of the journey, our excitement grows on a daily basis with each new patient we welcome into our office.. Our spa is officially opening in early 2023, but these services are currently offered at EYES. Call in for a free consultation with one of our certified advanced medical aesthetic practitioners and get started on a perfected treatment plan for your skin. We can’t wait to BRIGHTEN your day!

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